People of Parramatta

The people of Parramatta – the dream demographic

In 2014 around 190,000 people lived in Parramatta. By 2031, it is expected around 260,000 people will call Parramatta home. 

The city’s population grew by 13.9% between 2009 and 2014. Parramatta’s demographic profile has changed over the past 10 years. The population is younger, employed in white-collar professions and earns more money than the people living in the area 10 years ago. Around 30% of the residents have tertiary qualifications, more than Greater Sydney at 27.7%. This dream demographic – 25 – 34 year-old tertiary educated professionals- is a standout indicator of Parramatta’s economic vitality and potential to service the whole of Western Sydney.

Parramatta’s residents come from all corners of the world and half of them speak English and another language at home. In particular, links to the world’s two major growing economies – India and China – are growing. Overseas-born Indian residents make up 8.1% of the population and overseas born Chinese residents make up 6.8%. These groups represent opportunities for strengthening economic and cultural ties between Parramatta and the Asia-Pacific region.

Parramatta’s growing population of young, educated and increasingly affluent residents make it a rich source of qualified, multilingual employees, as well as a buoyant market for health, education, retail, entertainment and other consumer services.

People of Parramatta at a local cafe