New Central

The New Central – Parramatta is at the centre of Sydney’s Rail Network

With the development of the new Western Sydney Light Rail network, Parramatta will not only be the geographic and demographic centre of Sydney… Parramatta will be the New Central, linking roads, rail, light rail, buses and ferries.

Parramatta is strategically located in both the geographic and demographic heart of Greater Sydney and is easily accessible by rail, bus, ferry and car. Express train services now mean you can get from Parramatta to the Sydney CBD in 27 minutes.  Parramatta can also be readily accessed by cycle paths and safe pedestrian walk ways.

The ferry service to Circular Quay is another popular and scenic way to travel between the dual CBDs. Now transport in Parramatta and Western Sydney is about to be revolutionised with the $1 billion Western Sydney Light Rail Network, which will pass right through the core of the CBD  providing a new and efficient way to travel for thousands of residents, workers and visitors. Parramatta truly is the new Central.

View the Western Sydney Light Rail concept fly through.

Western Sydney Light Rail proposed network

Parramatta the new Central - People walking through Parramatta Station